REVEALED: The top gun marketing secrets
that attract an endless stream of prospects,
rapidly transforming them into rabid fans and buyers
…all without a sniff of hard-selling

Having watched the video all I need to do now is fill you in on all the juicy details of The W.A.A.R. Reportafter that, just click the “add to cart” button! ;-)

Held within these densely packed pages of straight, no waffle, 100% content are all of the absolute essentials you need to rapidly create killer content that gets tongues wagging and wallets twitching


  • How to establish rock-solid authority so every would-be buyer knows with crystal clear certainty that you are the ‘go to guy’ for your marketwith little effort you’ll be blazing a trail through every social site gathering even more followers.
  • The exact five steps for emotional connection that lay your customers mind and cheque book wide open …in next to no time you’ll have their pulses racing as they ache for whatever you have to give
  • Why some popular SEO methods are now nothing more than pointless attempts to game the systemdrop them now or the only result you’ll achieve is a shortcut to failure!
  • The deceptively simple tactic that makes writing killer content a walk in the park …this hypnotic twist will have you writing persuasively in seconds as you build solid trust and belief in you and your business
  • How to use the five principles of the Seller’s Creed to effortlessly convert interest into desire and desire into action …and if that doesn’t have them rushing to buy from you, the Reverse Creed definitely will!
  • The MOST important thing you must NEVER do in any contentand why falling into this oh-so-easy pitfall could kill your chances of success in seconds!
  • How to transform your viral marketing into a thought pandemic that just keeps infecting your market with an urge to buy from you …no tricks, no ploys, just eager buyers happy to share
  • Why you and your business are utterly defenseless and disposableunless you avoid the No.1 business risk that is defining the New Economy (and yes, W.A.A.R. is the simple solution that saves you from that misery)
  • How to sell any product or service BEFORE you have even released it by harnessing a carefully guarded secret of the big-name multi-million dollar seminar business (WARNING: This technique is VERY powerful, use with caution!)
  • The five devastatingly effective ways to get your content to the four corners of the globe so every possible buyer has the chance to know and trust in your name and business …just let your message spread as your bank balance rises!
Whether it’s Google or your competitors…
It’s time to get armed and dangerous!
…it’s time to “Declare W.A.A.R!”

As you have seen in the video and read above… The W.A.A.R. Report™ is about creating, driving and converting an unstoppable flood of buyer traffic while simultaneously protecting your livelihood from the next search-engine massacre.

Which means the whole time your competitors are getting mercilessly mauled by the Google Zoo, you’ll be sitting back, enjoying the good life. But before you get your hands on what is (quite frankly) a crazy deal, let me quickly recap what you get when you buy W.A.A.R. today…

The explosive core!
This is the real meat of the product and will have you busting your competitor’s balls in no time

Delivered in straight-talking, no BS terms and focussed entirely on results, The W.A.A.R. Report™ takes you through the exact steps needed to create, drive and convert traffic into a stampede of hungry customers …demanding to buy from you.

And the insider psychological tricks you are about to master will leave your competitors dumbfounded as they scratch their head in disbelief at your outrageous step change in success.

BONUS 1: Blast it out!
24 tracks of professionally produced audio

With everything happening at a million miles an hour, having the time to sit down and read a report can sometimes be a struggle…

…so thanks to BONUS 1 you don’t have to!

And the WAAR audio version is not a 90min continuous track either! Instead we’re talking 24 tracks of high quality audio so you can dip in and out at your leisure.

Want to recap on a certain idea or skip forward to the advanced material …No problem!

BONUS 2: Because every WAAR
needs a battle plan!
Designed specifically for WAAR, this plan will have you mapping out world-domination in seconds!

Having great inspiration and ideas when learning anything is one thing, but being able to then turn ideas into action is another…

With BONUS 2 you get to quickly implement everything you have learned from WAAR with a mapped out battle plan that takes you through each step.

Thanks to this bonus you won’t miss a single opportunity to create devastatingly effective content!

BONUS 3: ezPrint versions of all documents
My PDFs have a reputation (as you will see!) …these additional files let you enjoy both worlds

If you’re a customer of mine already then you’ll know what I’m talking about! …if you aren’t yet a customer then take another quick look at some of the product shots above.

So you can enjoy the full colour experience on-screen but also save your printer ink when printing, all of the PDFs have accompanying ezPrint versions which are formatted in printer cartridge friendly black-and-white / greyscale.

“Marketing TNT which delivers immediate results!”

“Just finished reading The W.A.A.R. Report™ and I’m blown away by the content! From page one you know you’ve got your hands on marketing TNT which delivers immediate results.

Effective, practical and direct. It’s a mini survival guide for ANY business that wants to guarantee a flood of customers.

Highly recommended!”

Al Whitton, Trainer & Coach,

“Your 5 steps of WAAR methodology is top notch material”

“Michael, I have written tons of free reports over the years, some of which have been downloaded more than 20,000 times and I thought I had a lock on creating top notch content.

However, after going through W.A.A.R. I was blown away by all the details and insights you revealed that I had never even considered.

And your 5 Steps of WAAR methodology is top notch material that I will forever more be incorporating into every report I write.

Michael, you are undoubtedly the ‘Master of the Report’

Tanner Larsson, Entrepreneur & Top Marketer

“If you want to get firmly lodged in the buying bit
of the customer’s brain …then WAAR delivers!

This is awesome, it’s like Sales 2.0! Yes, I could argue “I know this stuff” but to be honest I didn’t really ‘get it’ until I read WAAR.

This is about gaining authority, selling on reputation and saying goodbye to any form of cold-marketing.

Very quickly when reading WAAR you get to a point where you just know you are going to get great results with this material.

In simple terms, if you want to get firmly lodged in the buying bit of the customer’s brain then WAAR delivers!

…so if you’re in the same market as me, don’t buy this report!

Nick Shell, Recruiter and Consultant,
Create, engage and convert with killer content
…it’s time to get armed and dangerous!

Given all the value I have already described you’ll be forgiven for expecting a price tag in the range of a hundred-bucks, but that doesn’t work for me. You see, I want as many people as possible to get great results with The W.A.A.R. Report™.


…because it’s the kind of product people rave about, telling their friends to get a copy too! So why would I want to limit that natural growth of sales by hitting you hard with a hefty price tag, the more copies I sell at a great price the more I am going to sell through word-of-mouth!

So this is what I’ve got for you… This is NOT going to cost you anything like $97 (which is what most folk think it is worth), or even $67 which would be a complete steal, and I’m not even going to charge you the $37 the original version was on clickbank for…

If you act RIGHT NOW you can get it for just…

$97 $67 $37

I know – it’s a no brainer! BUT … it’s on a dimesale (so the price increases with every purchase) and it’s been set at an extra low starting price purely for the launch period …which means this offer is only for a LIMITED TIME. Once the launch is over, this crazy deal will disappear forever.

So please forgive me if you come back in a day or two and discover it’s jumped 50% …you have been warned!

And yes, even though it’s such a steal, you are still guaranteed…

My 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I know from the hundreds of businesses who have invested in W.A.A.R. that it delivers kick ass results with customers falling over themselves to buy from you – All you need to do is follow the steps and take action. (Yes, you will have to do some work! …this is the real deal and not some nonsense ‘get rich quick scheme’!)

Your well placed investment of money, time and effort will pay dividend. And I am so confident that YOUR business can quickly and easily get the same results as the many before you that I stake my reputation and wallet on it!

If at anytime during the next 30 days you feel that the systems and strategies given are not shifting your content into top gear then I INSIST you receive a 100% refund. No quibble. No questions. No nonsense.

So there you have it! – When you click the “Add to Cart” button you will instantly have an unfair advantage over your competition. You are about to leave them in the dust, dumbstruck and struggling to understand how you managed to create a rampage of hungry customers desparate to buy from you …time and time again.

Victory is on the other side, you just need to click the big orange button!

And that’s because it’s time to…

Bring a swift end to the gut wrenching struggle
for customers …because that battle is over!
Welcome to a W.A.A.R. you will win!
  • The explosive core of W.A.A.R. in PDF-format with every page offering a devastating tactic or strategy
  • Exclusive bonus of 24 MP3 tracks of high-quality audio …so you can get ready for W.A.A.R. on the move, in the car, on your iPod
  • Killer PDF bonus of the W.A.A.R. battle plan that will help you achieve even more extraordinary results …quicker!
  • ezPrint PDF versions of all documents so you can print without shredding your ink cartridge

And… I understand that I pay just a single payment to get immediate download access to the W.A.A.R. files – and that’s it, simple, quick and easy!

Thanks to your iron-clad no questions, no hassle 30-day guarantee I also understand there is ZERO risk and I can get a full 100% refund …without question!

So let me in! I want to start a W.A.A.R!

I know it’s customary to close with a clever little post-script, but when the price is so low that you are essentially stealing these secrets from me …is a “P.S.” really required!

Your loyal ally,

Michael Christon
Founder of BusinessMagi and Creator of The W.A.A.R. Report™

PS – Well okay …just one final comment!;) It’s fact that Google’s next rampage on the horizon so there’s never been a better time to create, engage and convert with killer content – The W.A.A.R. Report™ is your solution, so why wait to be mauled, click the orange button now.

“A blueprint for creating content that SELLS!”

Knowing how to effectively communicate and persuade, that’s hands down the most valuable skill you can have online

…And Michael has nailed it with The W.A.A.R. Report™.

What Michael has put together here is a blueprint for creating content that SELLS… The kind of content that gets people excited about buying from you.

…and that’s something very few marketers really know how to do the right way.

If you’re in the information publishing business, this will make all of your content work MUCH harder for you.

I’d say just about anyone who learns and applies these techniques will begin to make a lot more money off of all of their content, from articles to reports and everything in between.”

Scott Murdaugh, Top Marketer and Copywriter,

“How to write without the ‘hard-sell’
…and with almost NO learning curve!

Bought it. Read it. Loved it!

WAAR answered the greatest question I have about how to write without the “hard sell”. In fact, it answers a whole lot about how to market the right way …the effective way …the way that gets customers through the door and money in the bank!

The best part is, I could implement your suggestions immediately with almost NO LEARNING CURVE.

Michael, you’re a WAAR hero!”

Azman Ab Rahman, Content Strategist

“Magic Bullet? …nope, actually something I can use!”

“Magic Bullet? $2,000,000.00 Dollars in 20 Days?

Nope, actually something I can use!

About half way thru and already grateful for the learning curve this information has saved me from!

Mike Skylars, Marketer

“As far as writing content goes…
this may be the only eBook I ever need!”

“I just purchased and am starting to read through it but I have to mention this:

Michael you practice what you preaches and it is evident as soon as you open your report …even without reading a single word.

For anyone thinking of getting WAAR, you will see what I’m talking about when you buy it. There is not a single boring page in this report!

Mahalo (thank you), Michael, as far as writing content goes, I think this may be the only ebook I ever need!

Phoebe SC, Hawaii, USA

“I have never read anything near the quality of WAAR before!”

“WOW!!! I can honestly say that apart from the very occasional premium guru report, I have never read anything near the quality of WAAR before!

The content, the quality, the authority are all outstanding. In summary, this report is not only original, the presentation is brilliant.

I honestly think it is too good for this ridiculous price!

Oz, aka The Don,