Swipe and branded teaser report …making your life easy!

About the Swipe Copy Below

My aim is for you to get as much out of the promotion as possible …so you need to know this:

  • Quite a few affiliates have used the swipe copy exactly the way I have written it …this was okay to begin with but now you would do well to mix it up a bit with some other ideas or copy of your own. After all, we want you to be earning the big commissions so the last thing you want to be doing is using ‘saturated’ copy! ;)
  • Those at the top of the leaderboard have had something interesting in common… All have added their own angle to the swipe copy and specifically included some statement about my authority. Which makes sense, because I am an unknown quantity for some people. So you might want to include references to stuff like how I get consulted by big businesses on psychology in sales/marketing, how a deceptively simple video script I created (based on the WAAR method) helped one of my recent clients get over $2 Million in investment or how Justin Wheeler received lots of feedback from the London Warrior Gathering which said my sales/psychology presentation was considered one of the best of the weekend.
  • Contact me if you want more ideas! …there’s always so much more to tell. Admittedly, it’ll be a little strange for me having to wax lyrical about my successes (I prefer modesty!) …but if something I’ve done helps get you a unique angle on your email promotion, then it’s worth it!

So… The swipe copy is below… BUT… remember to give it your own edge!

Below is a clever little bit of code that will take your JVZoo affiliate link for W.A.A.R. and…

  • Create cloaked affiliate links (in tinyURL format)
  • Drop those links into swipe copy for you to copy’n’paste …and best of all…
  • Embed your affiliate link into a teaser report you can then give away

All you need to do is grab your affiliate links via the request link on the previous page and then enter into the box provided your JVZoo affiliate link but WITHOUT the “http://” suffix  (e.g. www.jvzoo.com/a/12345/54321 …and NOT http://www.jvzoo.com/a/12345/54321)

When you do this the swipes and report will be automatically populated with your affiliate link.

That’s it, all done! Now, how easy was that!?

Enter your Affiliate ID:

Swipe Copy for WAAR

Below are a couple of emails you can swipe ...but MAKE SURE YOU MAKE THEM YOUR OWN!

We don't want everyone mailing the same exact words!!!

(which incidentally happened to a top marketer a few days ago... many of his affiliates used the exact same template! ...oops!)

You have two versions of swipe... The first one is more SEO/Google orientated, the other is more about traffic and conversion. Use whatever works best for you and your list

Also... besides giving the swipe copy your own little twist, consider using different subject headings, here's some other ideas...

  1. Declare W.A.A.R. on Google?
  2. Declare W.A.A.R. on Google ...and they'll be happy when you win
  3. Create, engage, convert ...and keep Google happy too?
  4. Is this killing your traffic too?
  5. The traffic flaw and the content twist that fixes it

That's it... And... REMEMBER: Change the [[[YOUR NAME]]] to your name and check your links work correctly before mailing. If you'd prefer not to use the automated tinyURL ones that are created, just add your own links and/or tracking code instead.

Give away a "killer" report branded with your affiliate link

With just a press of a button you will be able to ‘brand’ this report with your affiliate link and create a PDF file which you can then distribute to your list.

IMPORTANT - JUST GIVE THE REPORT AWAY! Seriously - do NOT make it the destination of a squeeze page! You will lose sales!!!

Simply give direct access to your branded version of the file …then, when you follow-up that giveaway with the “Buy now” email, you will be able to convert all interest into dollars!

Your steps are:

  1. Download report with your links embedded (just click the button at the bottom-left of image)
  2. Upload that branded report to your server
  3. Copy n paste the email text below (but of course, feel free to edit and make it your own)
  4. Change the [[[FILE URL]]] references to the URL of your uploaded report
  5. Change the [[[YOUR NAME]]] to your name ;-)

That's it... Below is the report and then the swipe copy for your email...

Rebrand reports

Enter your Affiliate ID to rebrand and generate report.

Thanks again for promoting!

Watch this space!