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Terms for JV Affiliate Contest

  • The contest period is 7 days – from launch 12noon EST on September 28th to 12noon EST on October 5th
  • 1st place prize winner must sell a minimum of 200 front-end sales
  • 2nd place prize winner must sell a minimum of 150 front-end sales
  • 3rd place prize winner must sell a minimum of 100 front-end sales
  • Leaderboard will be updated daily …so keep promoting!!
  • Confirmation of prizes will be posted within 3 days of the end of the contest, you will receive an email from BusinessMagi directly.
  • And finally, normal ethical rules apply …so no cookie stuffing or unethical sales practices. You will lose any possibility of a prize and naturally you and I won’t be doing business again. Which I’m sure you agree is quite fair!