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Following significant tests of several payment platforms we have also decided to take this opportunity to change payment processors to JVZoo …BUT for the time being, all existing ProductPay affiliate links will still be honoured so no commissions will be lost.

Nonetheless, if you are currently signed up as an affiliate via ProductPay, we suggest you switch to JVZoo because at some point we will switch off the sales pages for ProductPay referrals.

And finally, the pricing for The W.A.A.R. Report is about to increase in the next few days at which time the product will turn ‘evergreen’.

Below you will find full details including JVZoo affiliate request link – this one request will cover you for both the front and back end. Also as you can see above, there’s swipe files and a rather cool teaser report you can give away …branded with your affiliate link!

For your review copy or if you have any questions, email me at:

Obviously it makes sense to whitelist that email address, that way you’ll always be up-to-date and you won’t miss important announcements for this promotion.

And finally – If you really want to get the greatest success from your promotional efforts then you’ll definitely do want a review copy! Besides making it a hell of a lot easier to write promotional emails, I also strongly recommended you have a look because you will then see the quality of the product and production values for yourself. So again, just email me on the above address and I’ll happily get it sorted for you.

So here are the offer and JV details…

Products: The WAAR Report (front-end) and Creative Words (back-end OTO)

Date/Time: Already launched, about to turn evergreen

Normal Price: $37  <<< Previously on Clickbank

Offer Price: $9.87 FE / $27 OTO …but only for next few days, after that both products will turn ‘evergreen’ and prices will be $17 and $37

Downsell: $17 on OTO …again this will change to $27 in the near future

Commission: 100% FE / 50% OTO / 50% OTO downsell …and yes, the 100% commission will change when we go ‘evergreen’.

Payment Platform: JVZoo

Affiliate Request Link:  <== This is an approval request, once approved you will then get an email confirmation and you just return to that same page on JVZoo to get your links. Simple!

Thanks for promoting, here’s to our mutual success!

Thanks for signing up to be a JV partner on The W.A.A.R. Report is MUCH appreciated. Feel free to get hold of me if you have any questions of if there’s anything I can do for you.

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