Everyone’s a winner! …but who was the great conqueror?

The final leaderboard for the JV competition which ran for the first week of launch is as follows…

  • 1st Place: Justin Wheeler …the man was on fire when he started and managed to stay on top throughout the launch period
  • 2nd Place: Mark Thompson …he survived raging fire, rampant floods and even mailed late! …but after much effort Mark bagged 2nd place!!
  • 3rd Place: David Eisner …more proof you didn’t have to be there at the start! In just 24hrs David rocketed from zero to 3rd place and stayed there
  • First to 25 Sales: Oz Da Don …and he almost got 3rd place too!
  • First to 50 Sales: Justin Wheeler …hmmm, two videos for one man, is that fair!?!

Here’s wishing all affiliates a BIG thank you for supporting the launch …and of course, thank you for your ongoing support as we move into the “evergreen” phase of WAAR.