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First, let me say a BIG thank you for buying The W.A.A.R. Report™, I’m sure you’re going to love it and more importantly I’m certain it’s going to help you create great content, which engages and converts into customers and a perpetual flow of buyer traffic.

And now… I want to give you the opportunity to go NUCLEAR!

As you may recall from the first video, I said The W.A.A.R. Report™ was one of my favourite ways to create kick-ass content …which must mean there are other ways to do it as well.

And of course there are many…

Since my early days in sales and marketing over 20 years ago, I have always loved the potent combination of words and psychology. That explosive mixture has been responsible for much of my and my client’s success, including my most recent achievement where a deceptively simple video script ultimately lead to over $2 Million in investment for an up and coming start-up…

And that’s what Creative Words™ is all about.

Essentially it’s how to blaze a trail of intrigue deep inside your customer’s mind and in doing so ignite a firestorm of cash creation for your business.

In other words…

We’re talking about selling persuasively where every word, every story, every headline, every bullet point drips with psychological influence…

And we’re not just talking about sales pages (which I do admittedly cover in detail!) – instead this is about any form of creative writing from adverts to emails, eBooks to full-blown products. Your ability to create persuasive messages will keep paying dividend for you and your business.

My current customers are
hammering on the door demanding a copy!

Ever since I announced it, many of my existing customers have been champing on the bit to get a copy of Creative Words™, but I wanted to make sure I packed in every detail I could before releasing it. Well… it’s now ready and those who have received review copies think it’s some of my best work…

After all this is the same kind of content which justifies my ridiculous day rate when consulting in this kind of material …and now you can get your hands on it for next to nothing in comparison.

And I’m only doing this as a one-time special because I wanted to give all owners of The W.A.A.R. Report™ an exclusive opportunity to get a copy of Creative Words™ before it has a big launch of its own. It is such a perfect complement to what you already have it would have been madness for me not give you this chance.

So what do I mean by Creative Words™?

In simple terms, they are words that evoke more than just understanding. Essentially, I’m talking about getting the brain buzzing with interest, keeping it captivated so you can unfurl your ever increasing influence over the way someone thinks about whatever it is you are writing about.

We’re talking about skilful and effective communication – and as this is business, the purpose of that communication is ultimately to make money.

To be blunt… Your words create money

From blog posts to free reports, articles to kick ass emails, video scripts to social media pages, Creative Words™ is about waking your prospects from their slumber, stealing their attention and giving them the overwhelming urge to do something in your favour …and that will typically mean cash!

Split into four principal sections of ‘The Foundation’, ‘The Structure’, ‘The Pitch’ and ‘The Final Cut’ and with over 100 chapters in total, this is your opportunity to dive head first into the wonderful world of words!

So let’s get to the specifics…

Never judge a book…
Your one time opportunity to
get everything for next to nothing!

Don’t be fooled by the medium of delivery…

Just like if I had a book which said “go here and you will find $1 Million in gold” and sure enough the book did indeed give you the gold, then that book could never be considered the same as an ‘ordinary’ book. Wouldn’t you agree…

Well, Creative Words™ may not give you a million in gold (instantly! ;)) …but it definitely is a treasure-chest beyond it’s mere appearance.

And there’s a lot to cover …in fact some of these sections are so packed full of solid gold content, they deliver more value than many stand-alone products do on the same subject!

One example is the storytelling section where you will learn to fly under the radar creating engagement, emotion and action as you weave a web of artful influence. That section also happens to include the REAL secret behind many great storylines in business …a secret that truly explains why the stories of people like world-class marketer Frank Kern kick ass!

We’ll dig deep into the truth about features and benefits and how 90% of marketers completely screw it up! Once you understand how they really work you’ll be able to craft killer headlines and brutal bullets (the double-tap method I show you is particularly lethal!)

And I haven’t even started to talk about the dark psychological secrets of NLP and other cool behavioural sciences. That type of content is the jewel in the crown where you learn how often a single choice of word or phrase can make all the difference. To say this stuff is potent would be an understatement.

So as you can see from just those examples, Creative Words™ is busting at the seams with incredible content. And in every page I have aimed to give you as many psychological twists and turns as I could, all balanced with solid marketing strategy and good business practice. Used wisely this is a license to print money…

You then have the bonus of Six Spice™

Just as salt and pepper are universal ingredients when cooking, so too are the ‘six spices’ when considering any form of sales and marketing. With just a little sprinkle they can instantly add a persuasive kick, turning the tasteless bland into the mouth-watering sublime, yet these spices can seem so basic…

…just like salt and pepper.

The ‘spices’ originate from the work of Professor Robert Cialdini who dedicated his life to understanding the art of influence. In the process he discovered six basic principles, which are not only useful, irrespective of gender, class or creed, but as you will discover, can also prove to be incredibly powerful in a business setting.

He called his principles the Six Laws of Influence, we call them Six Spice™ …and when you buy Creative Words™ today you will gain a very practical take on how to use them in real-world sales and marketing situations.

Your private invitation to strip my brain!
(a.k.a. an in-depth group consultation)

Delivered in the form a webinar and purely for buyers of this one-time offer, I will run through the key aspects of Creative Words™ delving deep into whatever you and your fellow buyers desire.

This is your exclusive chance to hit me with whatever question you need answering. Once all queries and questions have been collated from you and the many fellow ‘Creatives’, we’ll go live with the webinar. This is NOT a pitch-fest. This is the equivalent to a group consultation with me, the kind of thing that ordinarily only my high-level top-paying clients get access to.

This exclusive bonus is worth $$$$’s …and just so you know, I’ve never been one for keeping quiet so expect me to go BEYOND the content of Creative Words™ should the question require it!

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Pricing this mammoth give-away of my secrets proved a challenge, because I know what these skills are worth in the big bad world of business. That said I still wanted to keep in the spirit of the great deal you received on The W.A.A.R. Report™.

So I started at $197, then thought ‘hmmm no video content yet’, so I cut it in half…

…and cut it in half again to something more reasonable on your pocket.

And then I added one final cut to make it an outrageously good deal!

Now before I tell you this very special one-time figure… Naturally Creative Words™ comes with the same 30 day ‘no nonsense’ guarantee as The W.A.A.R. Report™ …but it also has the added bonus of free upgrades too!

I have big plans for this special product …and you will get every bit of it. Even if I add a $1000 worth of videos, you will only have had to have paid what you did today. So time to make your smart move…

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